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Meet our team

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David Smith


Executive Director of Get Kids Outside

David Smith has been a self-employed top producing realtor for almost 20 years now. He has closed over 500 transactions in that timeframe. His moto has always been “Do a great job the first time and you will have a client for life”.


Mr. Smith is a Co-Founder and Board Member of the February Star Sanctuary, a horse and cat rescue. A graduate of both Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (Tifton, GA) and Elon University Center for Environmental Studies (Elon, NC) and is licensed with the Maryland Department of Agriculture.


David’s true passion resides in nature. At a young age he learned quickly about nature spending time hiking and climbing up and down the east coast. Once in his twenties he moved to Colorado to experience the Rocky Mountains. He climbed two dozen 14,000’ peaks while he was there then moved on to larger mountains in Europe and South America. He has logged thousands of miles on trails in 4 continents, 17 countries, and 48 states.


After spending ten years volunteering in Yellowstone National Park, David learned one thing he liked more than experiencing nature first hand, showing it to someone else for the first time. In the past four years he has personally brought over 60 children to Yellowstone National Park.


Mr. Smith’s mission with his non-profit, is to provide outdoor experiences and education to children that may not be afforded to them. To educate the next generation on how important our natural resources are and why they should protect them for years to come.


David currently lives with his wife and daughter on a large horse farm just outside of DC in Maryland

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Mrs. baker

Originally from Michigan, Julianne fell in love with the West at age 20, but took years to finally move to her beloved Yellowstone. She earned a Masters degree in Outdoor/Environmental Education at Michigan State University and taught environmental science to grades K-6. As a 4th grade teacher in Grand Rapids, she brought 25 4-6th grade students to Yellowstone National Park.

She retired early, followed her passion to Yellowstone, and began her 2nd and 3rd careers as an Interpretive and Education Ranger, then as the first Resident Instructor for Yellowstone Association. 

She now spends her days doing yoga under views of Electric Peak,  hiking with her husband Fred in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and skiing when nature blesses her with snow. In more quiet moments in the outdoors, she paints with water color in her nature journals.

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